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Patient Testimonial | Lynne

Lynne: I’m Lynne Marks. And I run a company called London Image Institute, and I train trainers to teach corporate or individuals or both in appearance, behavior, and executive presence. And what our business, our industry is about is making other people beautiful and confident. So, that was why it was important for me to […]

Patient Testimonial | Rebecca

Rebecca: I trust the whole process. I have faith and trust in the staff and Dr. Loetscher, or otherwise, I wouldn’t be here the seventh time. Hi, I’m Rebecca Schaper, and I’ve been coming to Dr. Loetscher for a very long time. The first time I needed an implant was I went to my regular […]

Patient Testimonial | Stefaney

Stefaney: Oh, you want me to hold the picture? Stefaney: Okay. Just that girl was not happy. So, I don’t even know that person anymore. So, that’s why I said, “Life-changing.” Hi, I’m Stefaney. I was a patient of Dr. Loetscher’s. So, I originally came in for cosmetic purposes to fix my smile. I had […]

Patient Testimonial | Chris “Crash” Clark

Crash: Camera aside, it’s amazing what they do here. I wish I needed more. My name is Crash Clark. I’ve been here in town 33 years. I do radio and TV. I came in here to get one single implant, and I hesitated for 20 years to get it. And I’m kicking myself for not […]

Zirkonzahn Face Hunter at Atlanta Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

“Hey, my name is Larry. I’m a lab technician here at Atlanta Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. I want to talk to you about a really cool piece of technology we have here is the Face Hunter from Zirkonzahn. What it does it takes 3D images of your face, and we can load that into the […]

The Benefits Of Having An In-House Lab W/Dr. Loetscher

“Hello. I’m Dr. Andy Loetscher. I’m an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. There’s a lot of competition out there for forged implants. And I want to go through and tell you what separates us from the competition, and what we have to offer here. What we’ve developed for you is a lab in the heart of […]

Patient Testimonial | James

James: So, it was disconcerting because I put a lot of time and effort into my appearance, and I meet with customers and I meet with colleagues and people that work for the company all the time. So, I want to make sure that I look professional. But at the same time, it was one […]

Meet Dr. Loetscher

“Hello. I’m Dr. Andy Loetscher. I’m an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. And I’ve been practicing here in Atlanta since the early 1990s. Actually, I grew up in the Midwest in a small town in Iowa…Dubuque, Iowa. And I went to a couple of Big Ten schools, University of Iowa, where I went to dental school. […]

Dental Implants With An In-House Lab

We have an in-house lab to enhance your Dental Implant experience.  “Another unique thing about our office is that we have our own manufacturing center. We have 3D printers. We have milling machines from some of the best companies in the world. We can manufacture our teeth here instead of sending it out to a lab that […]

Emergency Tooth Extraction

“Hey guys, it’s Dr. Paul Cho, oral surgeon here with Atlanta’s Oral Maxillofacial Surgery. If you’re in need of getting a bad tooth out, please come visit us at our Alpharetta and Brookhaven offices. We dedicate time specifically out of our schedule each day for same-day dental extractions, and oftentimes patients are able to leave […]