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Patient Testimonial | Chris “Crash” Clark

Crash: Camera aside, it’s amazing what they do here. I wish I needed more. My name is Crash Clark. I’ve been here in town 33 years. I do radio and TV. I came in here to get one single implant, and I hesitated for 20 years to get it. And I’m kicking myself for not coming in sooner.

I lived in Boston for a little while, and when I was up there, I did a radio promotion where they actually gave me a full set of veneers. The back teeth never had any work done, so I would occasionally have to go to a dentist and get something done. Well, this back tooth had to be extracted. And it was probably 20, 25 years ago I got it extracted, and just never did anything with it, for reasons, I don’t know. I just was hesitant, a little bit nervous about getting an implant or whatnot. So, I left this tooth open for years. The initial consultation was incredible. He said, “This will be the strongest tooth in your mouth.” And I’m like, “You kidding me. Everything that I’ve neglected on this side with an empty hole, and now it’s gonna be the strongest tooth in my mouth?” I said, “Let’s do this.”

Dr. Loetscher: So, he came in with a tooth that we removed, put an implant in. So, we put him all the way to sleep. He went to work the next day. He said it was the easiest process in the world. I think he didn’t take a pain pill. In fact, when somebody comes in for an implant, like his was a molar, we actually pre-operatively scan them, get a guide made. So, we put that implant dead accurately, and we have a half tooth that sits on at the sculpture, the gum tissue, it’s a real deal. For him, it was seamless. He loved the whole process.

Crash: The staff just greeted me with smiles, and took care of me. And even though I was still a little nervous and I was ready for sedation. And not even 20, 30 minutes, and I hear everybody, and I’m waking up, Dr. Loetscher is gone. And I’m like, “That was it?” This was Thursday afternoon that I got my procedure done. Now, obviously, I need my voice, I need my mouth to do what I do for a living. I was on the air at 11:00 alive Friday morning after my surgery, Thursday afternoon. Come in, get the initial consultation. And if you leave here and you don’t come back for the surgery, I owe you lunch. It’s such an amazing experience to be able to chew your food, enjoy your meals, and enjoy your smile too. And it’s life-changing. It really is.


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