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Patient Testimonial | Lynne

Lynne: I’m Lynne Marks. And I run a company called London Image Institute, and I train trainers to teach corporate or individuals or both in appearance, behavior, and executive presence. And what our business, our industry is about is making other people beautiful and confident.

So, that was why it was important for me to find somebody really, really good, A, in a dentist and, B, in an area of expertise that I needed. The actual moment when I realized I needed help very badly was back in 2020-21 when six of my teeth cracked within the space of six months.

And so, my wonderful dentist also introduced me to Dr. Loetscher.

Dr. Loetscher: Lynne came in looking for a permanent solution, and she has a relatively common history of people we see where they’ve had failing teeth throughout their life.

She’d spent a lot of time in the dental chair, and we came up with a nice plan. Six implants on the up, four in the lower. And we looked at her, got her x-rays and CT scans, and my lab technician and I made her teeth immediately.

In her case, we probably delivered them the next day. And the next step, we put her to sleep. And it was a real seamless process for her. It wasn’t just some set of teeth. It was a beautiful set of teeth, like fully functional and extremely cosmetic, and they’re beautiful.

Lynne: What impressed me so much was that I went home. There was no pain. I took no medication, not even a single aspirin. And the following morning, he had actually designed and…overnight, I think, to fit the new set in.

Afterwards, I had this beautiful set of gorgeous-looking teeth. And I really did. My smile got bigger, and this really matches what I’m trying to project. And so, now I don’t have any problems. You know, so that’s something I just forget about and just smile and have nice teeth.


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