Our Difference — Esthetics, Longevity & Quality

What makes us different?

Engineering & Technology

We design our surgeries and your final teeth to not only look great, but to last hopefully for your lifetime.

How do we do this?

Esthetics & Technology

We have developed one of the most advanced protocols in the US for incorporating your new teeth and smile into your face and appearance. We utilize a digital design process from the very beginning. We perform a full smile analysis and design new teeth from the ground up. We then design your surgery and your new teeth to fit your needs, while using the best materials. This process being with the Zirkonzhan Face Hunter to analyze your smile, teeth, and bone structure. Our lab technician, Larry is one of the few lab techs certified through Christian Coachman’s “Digital Smile Design” training, to provide you with a natural organic smile that fits best with your facial features.   


After digitally designing your smile and pre-planning placement of your teeth to accommodate your smile, we position your implants where the bone is most ideal for longevity. This pre-planning process allows us to combine the position of your implants with the design of your prosthesis for maximum cleansability and strength.  These are all very important issues.  


Each step of your journey with Atlanta Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is done with the highest level of care:

  • We perform all implant surgeries under a sterile technique.
  • We use name brand implant parts from the top brands:  Nobel Biocare, Southern Implants, and Norris for Zygomatic implants.
  • Dr. Loetscher is most skilled & experienced implant surgeons in the US, having one of the largest implants practices for over 30 years.
  • Our assistants are a team of skilled technicians, nurses and trained assistants with years of experience.
  • We provide top notch customer service to our patients.
  • Our in-house lab is one of the most technologically advanced in the country, and has considerable capability for all implant procedures. 
  • Your 1st provisional prosthesis is fabricated out of a highly durable and esthetic material milled out of a highly esthetic material called, PMMA.  Not a converted denture.
  • Your final prosthesis is made from the best materials and is digitally designed and milled on the world’s finest and highest quality mills – ZirkonZahn. If your prosthesis is made out of zirconia – we utilize ZirkonZahn’s Prettau zirconia – the gold standard in prosthesis. Their sintering and manufacturing protocol is second to none.