Digital Smile Design & Facial Analysis

Is it Time to Create Your “Confident Smile”?

Patients in need of extensive dental treatment or oral surgery may find it difficult or even impossible to visualize how they would look and feel if they had the “perfect” smile or an esthetic facial shape. For more complex surgical treatments, such as full mouth dental implants or orthognathic surgery, Digital Smile Design protocols help us create visually-driven treatment plans. This approach is customized to each patient through photography, video, and digital representations of final outcomes. More than systematic planning for our surgical team and lab technicians, Digital Smile Design gives patients the opportunity to be actively involved in how they want to enhance their smile and facial esthetics, in addition to improving function. Working together, you, Dr. Christian Loetscher, and our experienced surgical team can determine what can be accomplished and the best possible treatment plan to get you there.

Digital Treatment Planning Improves:

  •   Open communication about treatment goals
  •   More precise structural evaluation and diagnosis
  •   Visually-driven, patient-centric treatment planning
  •   More personalized and predictable clinical outcomes

Our Digital Smile Design Process

The Digital Smile Design process builds on the foundation of accurate facial analysis through high-quality photography and video. These images incorporated into the design software are the basis for understanding the unique proportions of each patient’s face and teeth. From here, we can accurately diagnose irregularities in physical appearance related to the jaws, mouth, and teeth. Depending on the patient, we can design structural improvements and/or new teeth that directly reflect the patient’s personality, while simultaneously correcting all functional issues and enhancing facial appearance. With the opportunity to see themselves with these functional and esthetic improvements to their face and smile, many patients feel excited and confident pursuing care with us. If you would like to experience this level of care from Dr. Loetscher and our talented team, schedule a consultation at our Alpharetta office today.