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Dr. Loetscher was featured in a Forbes article about Root Canals!

Forbes cover featuring Dr. Loetscher

It’s important to note that an infected tooth will not heal without proper treatment. If your symptoms disappear on their own, it may be a sign that the nerves within the pulp are dead, which can be dangerous if left untreated. “[The infection] eventually will erode bone around the tooth,” says Christian A. Loetscher, D.D.S., an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Alpharetta, Georgia. “With time–such as many months or a year or so–it can spread to adjacent teeth, or sometimes if an implant is adjacent, erode its bone as well.” Seeking care is imperative to ensure contamination doesn’t spread.


“The infection may also be painless if the inflammation and purulence can drain into your sinus, or through the gums,” adds Dr. Loetscher. “In this case, you may be unaware of it.” This could lead to sinusitis, or a sinus infection.

“​​When an infection drains through the sinus or gums, it spreads slower because the infection is not accumulating in the bone or gums, neck and what is called soft tissue. These teeth that have ‘drainage’ tend to be the most asymptomatic, and slowest to cause problems,” explains Dr. Loetscher.

Dr. Loetscher on the cover of “Dental Implants & Oral Surgery” magazine

Dr Loetscher on the cover of Dental Implants & Oral Surgery magazine

Dr. Loetscher was honored to be on the cover of the latest issue of the “Dental Implants & Oral Surgery” magazine. Our 15-page spread showcases Drs. Loetscher, Plavin and Best‘s expertise in same day teeth, full arch dental implants and wisdom teeth extraction. We have copies of our magazine in our reception area if you want the full inside scoop of the procedures that Drs. Loetscher, Plavin and Best and his highly skilled team has to offer.