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Patient Testimonial | Stefaney

Stefaney: Oh, you want me to hold the picture?

Stefaney: Okay. Just that girl was not happy. So, I don’t even know that person anymore. So, that’s why I said, “Life-changing.”

Hi, I’m Stefaney. I was a patient of Dr. Loetscher’s. So, I originally came in for cosmetic purposes to fix my smile.

I had gum recession. The gum recession was… They were receding down, and long story short, it was because my jaw wasn’t correctly placed. So, it was putting pressure on my teeth. And then, I learned my airway was occluded.

And so, then it, kind of, became all of them together. And then, I got referred to a dentist, then to an orthodontist, then to Dr. Loetscher.

Dr. Loetscher: Stefaney came in, and a lot of it was a cosmetic issue. You couldn’t see her full teeth when she smiled, her bite was off, and she was seeing an orthodontist. And we did a combined treatment with orthodontics to widen up her jaw, and to bring it forward. And it totally transformed her smile and her face.

Stefaney: So, the first one, I had a SARPE done. So, they did an expanding palate, and then they pushed the jaw back together. And then, he sutured it, and it just, kind of, settled. And then in about six weeks, I could finally open my mouth.

It changed my whole life. It fixed my smile, fixed my confidence. I did have sleep apnea before. I don’t have it anymore. Because I could breathe better, I started working out. I sleep so much better.

Dr. Loetscher: She’s got a great smile. She’s got a better bite, which is going to make her teeth last longer, a lot of self-confidence, but then she’s got this great airway that helps her whole general health.

Stefaney: He always answered my questions. He always took the time with me. Everyone was just super comforting. I never had a issue, like, worrying about being in his care. But if I could tell my younger self, I would have done this years…years and years, and years ahead. And, I mean, it’s an investment for yourself inside and outside. It was 100% worth it.

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