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Dental Implants With An In-House Lab

We have an in-house lab to enhance your Dental Implant experience. 

“Another unique thing about our office is that we have our own manufacturing center. We have 3D printers. We have milling machines from some of the best companies in the world. We can manufacture our teeth here instead of sending it out to a lab that allows us to make your teeth, you know, the same day or the next day, if possible, and that’s something that’s very unique that’s not very common in most practices.

A big benefit to having a lab on site is that we get to meet the patient, we get to, you know, work together with the doctor, collaborate, you know, that guarantees that we place the implants exactly where they need to be. We can design the set of teeth, you know, exactly where they need to be, and it’s, you know, the best possible outcome you can get.

So, if you are shopping around, and you need to get some implants, we have the best surgeon in town, the best technology available, great staff, and we’ll be able to give you, like, a long-lasting predictable outcome.”

In response to the growing demands from patients in need of cutting-edge oral surgical care, we have established ourselves as one of the most technologically advanced and clinically accomplished practices in Alpharetta, GA and the greater metro Atlanta area. Through acquisition of state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical technologies, we offer a more sterile and technically stronger environment in our outpatient surgery center than even most hospital settings can boast. In addition, we are one of only a few practices in the state to have an on-site laboratory staffed by trained technicians and equipped with some of dentistry’s most advanced digital and milling technology. Leveraging this technology, our oral surgeon and surgical team consistently achieve superior clinical outcomes through sound diagnostics, advanced guided surgery techniques, accelerated healing modalities, and high-quality fabrication of provisional restorations.


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