Full Arch Immediate Loading On Implants FAQs

How many implants do you need for a full arch?

-During your consult, we will determine what is most ideal for your situation — 4, 5, or 6 implants per dental arch. The 5th and 6th implants may be recommended to provide a larger arch of teeth, or more stability for your prosthesis if you have significantly large bite forces. 

Typical prosthetic guidelines as determined by engineering analysis usually calls for 4 to 6 implants in the lower arch, and 4-6 implants in the upper arch. With the additional implants (5th and 6th) being placed when needed posteriorly in the molar area where the large bite forces exist. With these traditional reconstructions using 6 lower and 6 upper implants, long-term success after 25 years is high, 98-99% for being trouble free. 

Can I really get new teeth in one day? 

-Yes, during your surgery, our in-house lab will scan the implant positions. Our lab technicians will design and mill your temporary bridge. This bridge is screwed onto your implants and provides immediate beautiful esthetics and function.

Am I able to chew and function normally with my new temporary teeth? 

-Although your new temporary teeth will look great and feel very strong, we will ask you to maintain reduced function and avoid active chewing. The reason for this is to allow bone healing to occur which will strengthen and secure your dental implants.  

Will my new teeth be comfortable? 

-Replacement of a full arch of teeth is a major change. You will need time to adjust to the appearance, shape, and position of your new teeth. Our team will ask you to return for several re-evaluation appointments to check and adjust your bite, ensure that you are performing optimal oral hygiene, and make sure that you are feeling well with your new teeth.

How much pain is involved in the replacement of all of my teeth?

-We are very happy to say that our patients report very little discomfort following full arch treatment. Despite the extensive nature of this treatment we take a variety of additional precautions to ensure your comfort throughout the wound healing process. 

How much does a full replacement of my teeth cost?

-Our “All In One” treatment protocol is more efficient compared to traditional, delayed dental implant therapy.  Our protocol involves fewer treatment visits, a shorter overall treatment time, and provides more predictable outcomes. Full-mouth reconstruction with dental implants can range from $30,000 to $50,000 per arch.  Factors affecting this cost are:

  • Whether or not they have teeth to be removed.
  • Is it the upper arch or lower arch?
  • What materials your final prosthesis is made of.
  • Each restorative dentist has different fees.  We have package prices including your final prosthesis fee per arch which we can discuss during your consultation.  

How long can I wear the temporary replacement teeth?

-As the name suggests, your first set of replacement teeth are temporary.  Although they are engineered to be strong and highly esthetic, you will need to proceed with a new set of more durable teeth with your dentist soon after the 4-6 month healing phase. Our office will confirm the stability of your implants at the 4-6 month time point and then refer you to start the “restorative phase” of your treatment with your dentist.  

What is “All In One” treatment? 

-“All In One” is a treatment concept in which our office works closely with your dentist to provide surgical and restorative treatment as part of one solution.  In comparison to other treatments that focus on a reduced number of implants, our treatment focuses on providing a seamless and long-lasting solution for our patients.