Corrective Jaw Surgery Cost & Global Fees

What is the Cost of Orthognathic Surgery?

Dr. Loetscher and Dr. Cho perform a large volume of orthognathic surgery, and we have developed a cost structure to make this procedure affordable and provide our state-of-the-art quality surgery and care.

As such – we provide two alternatives for our patients to choose from.

One route – is in our office surgery center with a set price and global fees – all encompassing, described and listed below. This is the most common method utilized by our patients. 

The second route – we perform the procedure at Northside Hospital, and the patient is responsible for the surgeon’s fee, the hospital’s fee, and the anesthesiologist’s fee. This alternative is done less often, because of the unknown fees the patient may be charged with by the hospital and anesthesiologist. There are some patients that benefit from hospital-based care – so this is there only option. 

 We perform most of the orthognathic surgery in our outpatient surgery facility. This provides a clean, controlled environment as well as a major cost savings to our patients by eliminating the hospital associated fees.

 There are several factors going into the overall cost of Orthognathic Surgery:

  1. Pre- and Post-operative orthodontics.

Orthognathic surgery is often done in conjunction with orthodontics. This is the case for most patients having their bite corrected. Also – many patients treated for sleep apnea benefit from orthodontics – either before or after their surgery. Orthodontic fees in the run approximately $5,500 – $6,500.  $6000 is probably the average.   

  1. The surgery itself (see below)
  2. The time off from school or work, 7-14 days
  3. Insurance Coverage: About 70% of our patients have insurance that cover some of the costs of the surgery. Coverage is extremely variable and has an average coverage of about 35% of the surgical fee.  In addition – many insurance companies basically say “covered” or “not covered” and provide our patients with little or no information on what percentage or dollar amount their coverage pays. 


We have established “Global Fees” for our Orthognathic Surgery patients. The global fees bundle together the surgeon’s fee, anesthesiologist’s fee, and all surgery center fees, including pre-op appointments and follow-up appointments for the first year.

Lower Jaw (BSSO)                                                                 $17,650
Upper Jaw (1 or 2 piece LeFort)*                                          $18,650

Genioplasty -Advancement                                                  $5,300
Genioplasty – Set Back                                                          $6,600
Upper Jaw & Chin or Lower Jaw & Chin                             $21,300
Upper & Lower Jaw Together                                               $35,300

Upper & Lower Jaw, with Chin                                             $37,400

Surgical Rapid Palatal Expansion (RPE)                             $5,950

Surgical Rapid Expansion – Lower Jaw                               $3,800
Placement of Arch Bars (Invisalign Patients)                      $3,050

Post-Operative In-Home Nursing Service                          $100-300

Note: Surcharge for a 3-piece maxilla upper jaw modification for severe open-bite closure is an additional $3,300.

*Asymmetry Surcharge: Virtual Treatment Planning – $3,400

Cancellation Fee: BSSO and Lefort I: $1,500 virtual planning fee and $1,500 anesthesia cancellation fees – The patient will be charged a cancellation fee of $3,000 if they cancel within 10 business days of their surgery date. 

BSSO or Lerfort I: $900 anesthesia cancellation fee – The patient will be charged a cancellation fee of $900 if they cancel within the 7 business days of their surgery date. 

These fees represent the combined collection from the patient and their insurance company. We require a deposit to schedule. Most insurance carriers will not disclose amounts they will pay for the procedure until it has been performed. Pending insurance approval – your amount paid prior to your surgery may be decreased – depending upon your insurance.

We will file to your insurance for reimbursement of all reasonable items, including the surgeon and anesthesiologist’s fee, and supplies. This will be reimbursed upon receipt.

CareCredit is available with our office for financing.

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