Dr. Loetscher’s Podcasts

Dr. Loetscher was featured on the “Everyday Oral Surgery” podcast several times with Dr. Grant Stucki, a fellow oral surgeon practicing in Denver, CO. Check them out below! 

1. Power tips building a successful implant practice. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Dr. Loetscher’s training history and current practice setup.
  • Why he chose to build an implant practice and what he’s learned about implant surgery.
  • Advice for young surgeons looking to specialize in implant surgery.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of specializing in implant surgery.
  • How Dr. Loetscher streamlines the implant process for himself, his staff, and his patients.
  • The equipment he uses to perform implant surgery.
  • Dr. Loetscher’s extraction/ implant process.
  • The implants and replacement kits he uses and why.
  • Dr. Loetscher’s internal and external marketing strategies and advice.
  • Recommended post-residency CE courses for refining implant technique.

2. Full Arch Rehabilitation with Digital Workflow and Guided Surgery 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A warm welcome to today’s guest, Dr. Andy Loetscher, DDS, MS.
  • Looking at Dr. Andy’s process for when a patient comes in for full arch rehabilitation.
  • Dr. Andy explains Face Hunter and how he uses it at his practice.
  • Why discussing pricing options upfront makes the rest of the process easier.
  • How varying prices across practices confuse patients and doctors alike.
  • The way Dr. Andy decides on a course of treatment for his patients.
  • How he inserts patient implants and how he accounts for different bone densities.
  • Why he doesn’t use osseodensification burs anymore.
  • Our guest explains the mechanics behind prosthetics on the day of surgery.
  • Digital workflow: the different technologies and methods that he uses in his surgical process.
  • How technological advancements make Dr. Andy’s work easier, but also more expensive.
  • Exploring some of the challenges that he faces at work.
  • The usual amount of grafting done during Dr. Andy’s full arch rehabilitations.
  • How developing a digital workflow will do wonders for you and your patients.

3. Ridge Augmentation Techniques: Ramus Block Graft, Titanium Mesh & BMP. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Key principles for a successful Ramus Block Graft.
  • The length of time it takes for a Ramus Block Graft to mature.
  • Andy’s approach to taking screws out. 
  • The downsides of a Ramus Block Graft.
  • Cases in which Andy uses the Ramus Block Graft technique.
  • Andy describes his technique for using titanium mesh.
  • How Andy limits the chances of a dehiscence. 
  • The cost of a Ramus Block Graft. 
  • Other types of ridge augmentation techniques. 
  • An overview of Andy’s sinus lift technique.
  • The pros and cons of BMP.
  • Advantages of putting in the implants and the graft simultaneously.
  • How Andy gets bone around an entire implant.
  • Additional advice for ensuring a successful ridge reconstruction. 
  • How Andy learned how to do tissue grafts, and he thinks it is an important skill for every oral surgeon to learn.

4. Pro Tips on Doing Orthognathic Surgery in Your Private Office. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing Atlanta-based oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Andy Loetscher.
  • Dr. Loetscher’s three main reasons for doing orthognathic surgery.
  • How his private office is set up to facilitate orthognathic surgery.
  • Why he prefers to use pure inhalation anesthesia when performing orthognathic surgeries.
  • His preferred equipment and use of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) sponges for bone grafting.
  • The benefits of doing orthognathic surgeries in his office instead of a hospital setting.
  • Dr. Loetscher’s post-op regimen.
  • The importance of having a skilled and well-trained team.
  • How he has streamlined his surgical techniques to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • His experience treating sleep apnea patients with orthognathic surgery.
  • Staffing and infrastructure challenges faced in the office.
  • Dr. Loetscher’s advice for those aiming to perform complex surgeries in-office.
  • He recounts a successfully-handled medical emergency during surgery.

5. Exploring the Role of Airway Deficiency on TMD

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The relationship between airways and TMD. 
  • How a compromised airway causes TMD issues. 
  • The importance of deep sleep.  
  • Best practices for TMD treatments. 
  • Getting technical about the exact causes of TMD. 
  • How premolar removal works as an effective treatment. 
  • His maxillomandibular advancement surgery process post-diagnosis. 
  • Examples of some of his more complicated cases. 
  • The relapses he sees in his patients and his outcomes regarding nerve issues. 
  • Some helpful resources on sleeping.