Same Day Teeth on Implants

Removing your failing teeth and delivering a complete new set of implant supported teeth — Same Day

One Day Transformation

Come to one of the most experienced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons in Implant Dentistry in the Southeast. Dr. Loetscher has over 25 of years of experience doing full arch reconstructions, replacing completely missing dentitions to full dentitions with a complete new set of teeth.

The combination of Dr. Loetscher’s experience, surgical suites allowing you to be asleep during the procedure, and our in-house lab technician provide an immediate “New Set of Teeth” second to none.

All-on-4 ™


All-on-4 is a dental term referring to putting a whole set of teeth on 4 implants per dental arch.

This technique facilitates easier cleaning, reduced cost, also allowing a new set of teeth to be placed on your implants the same day we remove your faltering teeth.

Cost reduction occurs because we often can eliminate bone grafting, procedure time, and post-op discomfort.

During your consult, we will determine what is most ideal for your situation — 4,5, or 6 implants per dental arch. The 5th and 6th implants may be recommended to provide a larger arch of teeth, or more stability for your prosthesis in the years to come if you’ve had significant bone loss.



Your first visit we evaluate your teeth and face, take radiographs, and obtain digital records of your teeth and face.

Smile Design

A variety of in house technologies allows patients a unique experience they can’t get anywhere else

Your new smile is pre-designed after your consultation appointment.

Existing Teeth and Digital Wax-up

Painless digital scans from an intra-oral video camera are loaded into our planning software. A new set of teeth are designed.

They are integrated into your face utilizing the “Face Hunter” piece of equipment cosmetic equipment from Italy, to maximize your smile into your lips and face.

We design “Organic Natural Smiles” — utilizing a library of people’s beautiful natural teeth — not lab designed teeth — that provide the most beautiful natural and confident smile.

Face Hunter by Zirkonzahn

Your smile is designed for your face and smile


Planning your implant placement

Next Dr. Loetscher and his technician design the ideal placement of your implants for maximum esthetics and ease of cleaning for your new teeth.

Digital Treatment Planning

Your implants will be placed via digitally guided surgery — so your new teeth can be fit your face, be beautiful, and Strong

Guide Fabrication

Guide Fabrication

Pre-made guides, much like a woodworker’s jig are manufactured pre-operatively. We do these in our in-house lab, where Dr. Loetscher and our lab technician personally design each splint.

These guides allow extremely accurate surgery. This accuracy is important because it:

  1. Allows your prosthesis to be cleansable and easy to clean
  2. Allows your prosthesis to be strong
  3. Allows your prosthesis to have access screw holes that any dentist in the world could remove and clean or repair if ever needed without harming the prosthesis. This is very important
  4. Allows improved surgical success and healing

Guided Prosthesis Accurate Surgery

Surgical Appointment

With you fully asleep (general anesthesia) we remove your teeth and place your new implants. While asleep, we digital record and scan your implant positions.

Our lab then need mills a beautiful fixed, temporary bridge, provided to you within a few hours. This bridge is literally screwed very solidly onto your implants. It provides immediate beautiful esthetics and function.

You wear this provisional bridge for the next 3-6 months while your bone fully bonds to your titanium implants (osseointegration). After this period — your dentist delivers the final bridge you will wear for the rest of your life.

Milled Immediate Bridges

Your Final Teeth

Are placed by your restorative dentist 3-6 months later. They will be made from a permanent material, meant to be lifelong. Either Zirconia, porcelain, or other modern ceramic.

Global Fees — Starting as low as $18,000, $325 per month:

  • (Extractions, implants, provisional set of teeth — not including final full arch set of teeth — delivered 3-6 months later)
  • 4-6 implants per Arch — Full set of 12 teeth per arch
  • Digitally Designed Organic Natural Smile
  • Digitally Guided Surgery
  • Permanently fixed provisional teeth delivered immediately
  • Digital Prosthesis designs — maximizes strength, hygiene, cleanability
  • Bridges are high strength milled materials
  • Includes extractions, bone grafting and one year maintenance
  • On-Site Lab with renown technician.
  • Final Set of Teeth also available — 48 hours
  • Package prices including final prosthesis beginning $28,000 per Arch

Why choose us:

  • Dr. Loetscher – most experienced dental implant surgeon in the Atlanta area
  • State-of-the-art safe, clean, modern facility
  • Atlanta’s most technologically advanced lab — on site
  • Certified Smile Designers
  • Name Brand Implants (Nobel BioCare)
  • Networked with Atlanta’s most experienced restorative dentists, prosthodontist, and other dental specialists

A New Arch of Teeth In One Day


Dr. Loetscher and our skilled lab technicians created an innovative protocol using our experience, state-of-the-art technology, superior implant and prosthetic materials, and sophisticated in-house lab. Planning of your treatment begins even before your first tooth is removed with a facial analysis via the Zirkonzahn® “Face Hunter” and intra-oral laser digital scanners that record the dentition for extractions and implant placement. This approach makes your treatment extremely precise and accurate.

  • By pre-planning your entire treatment and pre-designing your immediate prosthesis for esthetics and function, room for error in both the surgical and restorative phases is virtually eliminated. On your day of surgery, we will remove any remaining teeth, place your implants using our surgical guides, then deliver your new set of teeth either that day or the next morning. No waiting, no hassle — just a same-day full arch of teeth.
  • This is all done under the comfort of general anesthesia with a team of RN’s, certified surgical assistants and medical assistants.

The Benefit to You — using us:

  • State of the Art In-house Lab
  • All Digital Design — by Master Digital Lab Technician — Larry Thompson
  • “Face-In” Facial Analysis — utilizing “Face Hunter”
  • Implants placed by one of the southeast’s most experienced implant surgeons — Dr. Christian Loetscher

Dr. Loetscher’s 25+ years of experience in placing full mouth implants provides the value in maximizing the health and longevity of your supporting implants — an aspect which unfortunately is not fully appreciated and can lead to unwelcome implant complications down the road.

This is all done in our state-of-art surgery center while you are asleep and very comfortable.

Our process evolved as a result of Dr. Loetscher’s intense training in oral & maxillofacial surgery and implant dentistry, his very significant implant experience, modern surgical suites capable of doing extensive procedures, our brilliant digital lab technician, our highly modernized and automated lab, and an experienced support staff of nurses and assistants. This has allowed us to provide the area’s highest quality of implant services at extremely cost-effective and competitive prices.

Come in for a consult & see why Dr. Loetscher has had one of the largest dental implant practices in the southeast for over 25 years — and his patient’s love their teeth — and send their friends and relatives.

Sample Case

11 am compared to 5 pm, same day

In House Lab

Our chief lab technician has 18 years of experience in digital dentistry designing highly esthetic teeth and running the CAD/CAM mills that fabricate these teeth. Our milling center has 3 state of the art mills: ZirkonZahn M4 Heavy Metal, Ceramill, and the Digital Dental Mill — which can mill whole arches out of nanocomposite, leading to a vast milling capability. This milling capacity allows us to provide a wide array of options for immediate teeth — either that day or for complex whole arches — within 24 hours.

State on the Art Milling Center: Master Digital Lab Technician Larry Thompson; ZirkonZahn M4 Heavy Metal Milling Unit, Digital Dental Nano-Composite Mill