Welcome to our Exciting “Facial and Smile Design” Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Center.

Live a healthier and longer life through modern techniques to improve your smile,

your mouth and when needed – your airway!  

The age of automation and digital dentistry now allows you have access to:

  • Cost-efficient and comfortable re-creation of your lost smile through prosthetics and implant dentistry. 
  • Remove teeth & immediately replace with highly esthetic implant supported teeth.
  • Provide both temporary and final teeth & bridges made in our ultra-modern in-house lab.
  • Very cost-effective surgery & tooth/prosthesis fabrication.
  • Utilization of the ZirkonZahn Face Hunter to scan your smile and provide mock-up teeth for full service smile and facial analysis.

Experience the difference only an experienced implant specialist can provide in surgical and implant care!

With years of experience teamed up with our in-house lab, and our network of dental professionals – we offer quality care and service second to none!

It all began with Dr. Loetscher’s 25 years of experience in the art of surgery – facial reconstruction and implant rehabilitation. Your journey continues on with his board certification in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, and Dental Anesthesia. 

Then… you arrive at our comfortable facility, enjoy our friendly and sharp staff. Dr. Loetscher will put you at ease with his thorough work-up and together we put together your exciting treatment plan. The team’s experience and knowledge will allow provide your ease of mind in receiving great care and value. 

Our Team can also evaluate your jaw positioning for occlusal, esthetic and airway evaluation. 

  • Development of an improved smile through re-positioning of your facial bones and teeth via orthognathic surgery – all done comfortably and cost-efficiently in the office.
  • Opening of your airway and elimination of CPAP and poor sleep through in-office procedures literally at least tripling the size of your airway, and eliminating CPAP and oral appliances. 
  • We have become leaders in the safety & cost-effectiveness of in-office orthognathic surgery, utilizing an experienced team, combined with global fees.