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The New Age of Digital Dentistry: Full Arch Tooth Replacement

In this modern era of automation, the most esthetic teeth are digitally designed and made for both strength and esthetics.  Automation has provided for a remarkable reduction in the cost of producing highly esthetic prosthetic teeth.  The Atlanta Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery S2 Digital Dental Lab has one of the finest mills (machines to fabricate prosthetic teeth) in the world – Zirkonzahn’s M4. This high tech piece of machinery is manufactured in Italy and able to make stunningly beautiful teeth.

The S2 Digital Dental Lab is one of the few labs in the US where your implant can be placed by an experienced Oral Surgeon, allowing you to leave with a beautiful digitally designed tooth to match your smile and facial esthetics.

Combining over 30 years of experience, our lab technicians are truly elite in their field, with Larry widely being considered one of the best digital design lab technicians in the area.

“Organic” Smile Design

A major advancement in dental esthetics has been the recognition that nature makes the most beautiful teeth, not lab technicians. Utilizing what we now called “Natural Smile Design”, we are able to choose from libraries of beautiful teeth with nature’s irregularities built into them, such as tiny dents and rotations. They look beautiful to the eye because of nature’s way of breaking up light reflections. Even though they are false teeth, they have a natural and “organic” look.

Dr. Loetscher and his lab technician Larry are both certified in the “Digital Smile Design” protocol, as championed and taught by Christian Coachman.

For more on the digital design process from start to finish, take a look at the video below, narrated by Dr. Christian Loetscher.

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