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Dental Implants: A New Arch of Teeth in One Day

Do you:

  • Worry about breaking a tooth?
  • Have painful teeth or gum disease?
  • Have loose teeth?
  • Have gaps in between your teeth?
  • Have poor confidence in your smile?

As we age, our teeth age like the rest of our body. Even with proper dental care, often times your teeth need to be replaced over time from wear and other factors. Technology and dentistry have advanced significantly in recent years and we can replace failing teeth in 24 hours or less, providing you with a beautiful set of teeth
designed for esthetics, function, and lifelong service.

When a patient has lost or is about to lose a whole arch of teeth, the treatment of choice is often full arch dental implants. Dental implants are the only permanent tooth replacement in dentistry today, holding the most advantages in function and esthetics by mimicking teeth, from root to crown. Most full arch implant protocols require patients to spend months in less-than-ideal temporary dentures as the implants heal before they can receive their final teeth. At our practice, we have developed a full-arch protocol that lets you walk out of our office the day of surgery with a complete new set of strong, esthetic temporary teeth that function just as well as your final prosthesis will.

To learn more about your dental implant options, download our Patient Education Guide below.
Patient Education Booklet

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