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Welcome to S2 Digital Dental Lab

“Hey, my name’s Tyler Davenport. I’m a lab tech here at S2 Digital Dental Lab, where we use the latest dental technology to transform smiles. From the most advanced digital record taking to the final mill prosthesis, we strive to provide the best experience for the patient.

So we start with an accurate final impression. In doing so, we use the iCam 4D telegrametry scanner, which gives us amazing accurate results, as well as a passive fit when it comes time to screw down the frontal bridge.

We use the Zirkonzahn Face Hunter, which allows us to scan the patient and have a 3D rendering of their face, which gives us the ability to design the bridge with their face in mind, giving them a natural smile, giving them a final prosthesis that fits their face. Along with the Face Hunter, we also use the mill from Zirkonzahn, as well as their Prettau material, which is a very aesthetic and durable zirconia. This allows us to give you a durable but also beautiful bridge that will last you years to come.

We combine our skill sets and expertise within the lab to provide the patient with a unique and customized bridge that’s fit and made just for them. We feel like we provide a great service for our local doctors and patients, and we would love to do the same for you. Please check out our website for more information.”

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