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Have A Phobia of Needles? No Worries! Dr. Loetscher and His Team of Nurses Have A Solution.

“So one of the things I want to talk about is going to sleep and not seeing a needle. So one of the things that I’ve noticed over the years of practicing in oral surgery, especially in children, one of the biggest fears is starting the IV, in that people don’t want to see a needle. And we take pride in ourselves, we’ve got a special solution for children and for young adults. And, well, actually this 66 year old woman the other day that didn’t want to see a needle this way. We actually can put you to sleep, you never see a needle and you wake up and it’s done. And the way we do this, is you come into the office that day, and of course, you have an empty stomach like you would for any anesthetic. And we sit you in the chair, kids we do this way, put on a mask that sits over your nose, and we add a little laughing gas to it. In about a minute ,we add a light anesthetic agent that puts you to sleep, it smells just like a light perfume.

And in about two to three minutes you’re asleep-sleep. Sound asleep. And then we actually start your IV and carry on your anesthetic so you never see a needle. And it’s a very beautiful thing we’ve got one of the few oral surgery offices that do this. And it’s part of the reason we can is the way I’m trained in anesthesia, we put most of our patients all the way to sleep with a true general anesthesia. So we’ve got the setup and the personnel to do it. And it’s really a nice choreographed type situation. Come in the chair, all my assistants have a specific job to do and we make it really nice and easy for the children.

There’s a lot of children that come to us, a lot of children’s dental offices send their patients to us because we do a lot of kids and it’s for wisdom teeth. A lot of children have an impacted tooth in the middle of their front teeth or canines that need to come down. So those are the majority of people we do this on we have a lot of special needs patients who come do this as well. So it’s a great thing and I will make it a really nice experience for people. And they come in and once they hear they don’t have to see a needle, they’re relaxed, they go to sleep, they wake up and they’re happy, we’re happy and we have a nice experience.”

Dr. Loetscher and his team have a solution for children or adults that are afraid of needles. With this method the patient will not see a needle during their procedure. The patient will receive some laughing gas for one minute to allow them to relax. Next, the patient will receive a inhalational anaesthetic that is FDA approved for the induction and maintenance of general anesthesia in adults and pediatric patients for inpatient and outpatient surgery. After 2-3 minutes the patient will be sound asleep and Dr. Loetscher’s team of registered nurse can begin the IV and prepare for surgery. 


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