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Your Body, Your Bone: Natural Tissue Engineering with BMP

Understanding Bone Morphogenetic Protein

Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP), naturally occurring proteins that exist in the body, play a critical role in the healing and repair of bone and cartilage. The purpose of BMP in bone grafting procedures, especially in sinus lift procedures, is tissue engineering—signaling stem cells to migrate to the surgical site and converting them into osteoblasts (bone forming cells). These osteoblasts will grow new bone in the area where the BMP was placed, a bone grafting technique that consistently provides a success rate of 98 percent or higher. All types of our grafts using BMP are mixed with platelet rich plasma (PRP) to accelerate healing and in as little as 4-6 months, enough bone will be grown at the surgical site to secure dental implants. Dr. Christian Loetscher has extensive training and experience with the use of BMP and has taught courses and lectured on its science as well as its use. More than simply an advocate for BMP, Dr. Loetscher actively uses tissue engineering with BMP in his Alpharetta, GA practice to transition patients into a new set of functional teeth through a healthier, less painful, and more streamlined process.


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Dr. Loetscher talks about the differences in bone grafting with an Oral Surgeon

  •   Eliminates using bone from the patient or a donor source

  •   Accelerated recovery, with minimal pain and discomfort

  •   Predictable bone formation, bone quality, and healing

  •   Ideal at surgical sites where other methods have not worked

  •   Highly safe and effective, with rare contradictions

We use FDA-approved BMP called Infuse™ Bone Graft from Medtronic, which has been proven to be successful long-term through extensive research and clinical findings. This bone graft material has been manufactured, through recombinant DNA technology, to be the exact BMP molecule that exists in the body. This material comes in a liquid form, which we spray onto a sponge-type collagen material that is then placed where bone is needed, such as in a sinus lift site, an extraction site, a deficient dental ridge, or as an interpositional bone graft in orthognathic surgery. In 6 months, new bone will grow into the area, creating the ideal amount of density and volume to support dental implants. Remarkably, during this process, the body grows its own bone—with its own DNA—that is identical to other bone in the body on both a molecular and microscopic level! For patients requiring bone grafts, the result is very healthy bone, with a great blood supply, that creates the ideal environment to place dental implants to support teeth.

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