Years ago, “Teeth in an hour” was an exciting technique to deliver a full set of acrytlic teeth the same day as implants were placed.  The procedure was quick, less than an hour’s time for prosthesis delivery. 

This is done via no incisions, and the whole surgical procedure takes less than an hour. The technique relies on accurate CT scan guided surgery, and adjustable abutments.   It has to some extent fallen out of fashion, because the adjustable abutments were not always quite adjustable enough. 

Nowadays, we have moved forward.  We use guided surgery, as in the “Teeth-in-an-hour” technique, but instead utilized intra-oral scanning, and mill a provisional prosthesis that is delivered the same day.  The final prosthesis can also be fabricated and delivered within days as well.  The adjustable abutments were cumbersome, and sometimes not adjustable enough