Sinus Lifts

A sinus lift is performed in the molar or premolar area of the upper jaw.   Once teeth have been missing for a period of time, the floor of the maxillary sinus drops down – enlarges.  This resorbs or shortens the bone on the dental ridge where the implant is to to placed.   When the vertical height becomes about 8 mm or less, the sinus lift is performed to allow placement of 16 mm length implants.   This is simply done by creating an opening in the side of the upper jaw (maxilla), lifting the membrane that lines the sinus up.  The implants are placed, which provide a tent pole for the sinus membrane.   The area is than packed with the patients bone – usually from the side of the jaw, but occasionally from the hip or utilizing  BMP.   This one graft is mixed with platelet rich plasma, and 4 months later the implants are ready to function and be fully loaded with teeth.   When utilizing autogenous bone (your own) this procedures has a success rate of 98% plus.