Same Day Teeth on Implants

                                   Delivering an Immediate Implant Tooth to Replace your Failing Tooth


                                 Replacing a complete set of teeth with an implant supported set of teeth


Come to one of the most experienced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons in Implant Dentistry in the Southeast.  Over 25 of years of experience doing full arch reconstructions, replacing completely missing dentitions to full dentitions with a complete new set of teeth.  Our combination of Dr. Loetscher’s experience and our experienced in-house lab technician is provide an immediate tooth/teeth protocol second to none. 

Through CAD/CAM technology, we are now able to remove a failing tooth, place your dental implant, scan its position with laser optics, and mill a highly esthetic provisional tooth to be delivered in 70-90 minutes.   Single teeth up to whole dental arches can be provided with this technology.  The fixed temporary tooth or teeth not only look great, they also initiate the critical sculpting and maturation of your gingival tissues for your final crowns.  Importantly, this eliminates wearing removable type temporary teeth (such as Flippers and Essex retainers).   


Dr. Loetscher and his lab technician have developed this protocol utilizing this amazing technology, one of the only oral & maxillofacial surgeons in the US offering this protocol.  After removing your tooth, and placing an implant into its site, the state-of-the-art Trios intra-oral digital scanner first scans the implant in your mouth in approximately 2-3 minutes.  The data is downloaded into the software where our dental technician designs your provisional tooth.  This design is forwarded to our advanced Austrian made Amann Girrbach mill, where the tooth is milled out of PMMA (a highly esthetic acrylic).  This is all done on-site. This highly esthetic tooth is then basically screwed onto your implant.  This same process works for larger areas of missing teeth, from several teeth to whole arches. 

This same scan can also be used to deliver the final ceramic crown to be placed on your implant 3-5 months later, after the implant has become fully osseointegrated in your jawbone.   Patients love this because this eliminates the impression needed to fabricate a crown.   Your restorative dentist is involved in this final step, delivering the final crown, and verifying its occlusion. 

Same Day Tooth Replacement 

Complete set of teeth – same day

Above case – very common procedure in our center – done under general anesthesia, for great patient comfort. 

Immediate Single Tooth Replacement 

Our Advantage 

  1. State of the Art In-house Lab.
  2. All Digital Design – by Master Digital Lab Technician – Larry Thompson
  3. “Face-In” Facial Analysis – utilizing “Face Hunter”.
  4. Implants placed by one of the southeast’s most experienced implant surgeons – Dr. Christian Loetscher. 

We are one of the few practices where we can take you from failing teeth to a beautiful new set of teeth immediately – also being done by a highly trained and experienced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon. 

Our lab technician has 14 years of experience in digital dentistry designing highly esthetic teeth, and running the CAD/CAM mills that fabricate these teeth. Our milling center has 3 state of the art mills: ZirkonZahn M4 Heavy Metal, Ceramil, and the Digital Dental Mill – which can mill whole arches out of nano-composite. So our milling capability is vast. This milling capacity allows us to provide a wide array of options for immediate teeth – either that day or for complex whole arches – within 24 hours. 

The teeth provided are not denture acrylic which cause “Denture Breath”, but either a sturdy PMMA material or high-strength nano-composite. Final restorations are strengthened by an underlying titanium bar, with the teeth made out of either nano-composite or the famous ZirconZahn Prettau Zirconia. 

“Face Hunter” – Allows Full Smile Design to Maximize Facial Esthetics for your new teeth!

What also sets us apart – by using Dr. Loetscher’s skills as a facial surgeon & utilizing ZirkonZahn’s face hunter – we can set your teeth up to match your face for maximum esthetics & lip support to provide the “Confident Smile”. Our lab technicians are highly experienced in the digital world to provide this beauty in a cost-effective manner like no one else. 

Dr. Loetscher’s 25+ years of experience in placing full mouth implants provides the value in maximizing the health and longevity of your supporting implants – an aspect which unfortunately is not fully appreciated and can lead to unwelcome implant complications down the road. 

This is all done in our state of art surgery center – while you are asleep and very comfortable. 

The evolution is a result of Dr. Loetscher’s board certification in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery & Anesthesia, his incredible implant experience, modern surgical suites, highly modernized and automated lab, and an experienced support staff of nurses and assistants. This has allowed us to provide the areas highest quality of implant services at extremely cost-effective and competitive prices. 

Come in for a consult & see why Dr. Loetscher has had one of the largest dental implant practices in the southeast for over 25 years – and his patient’s love their teeth – and send their friends and relatives. 

Pricing: See “Cost of Dental Implant Section” 


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