Gingival Sculpting

Utilizing CAD/CAM milled PMMA (Polymethymethacrlate Acrylic) custom healing abutments and teeth.
We have developed a technique that after your implant is placed, scan bodies as placed on your implant, a digital scan is done, we place a custom designed tooth or healing abutment onto your implant. Each of these are individually designed to fit into your dentition and gums. They allow the gingiva to mature and sculpt around the custom design.

This is significant because when your dentist fabricates your final crown, the gingival tissues have been sculpted and matured for ideal esthetics and function. In the front of your mouth whre your gums are visible (termed the “Esthetic Zone”), the crown can be designed for maximum esthetics.
In the molar area, the teeth are much wider than the top of the implants. By sculpting the tissue, your final crown will emerge from you gums with more natural contours for cleaning, flossing, and very importantly – to help keep food from becoming impacted between your implant crown and natural tooth. For molars (your back teeth), this is be a big issue.
Often now we use guided or navigated surgery, where the implant is placed in an exact pre-determined position, and the tooth or healing abutment can be premade, and delivered at that time. Our full time lab technician does this design and guide fabrication from a pre-op intra-oral digital scan (Trios 3-shape Scanner).