Cost of Orthognathic Surgery

Dr. Loetscher does the majority of orthognathic surgery in his outpatient surgery facility, which provides major cost savings to our patients by eliminating the hospital / facility bill. For patients with medical issues or more advanced age, we may elect, however, to do the procedure at Northside Hospital. In general, the benefits of orthognathic surgery are tremendous, and change peoples lives in a very positive manner. It really is a great value.

There are several factors going into the cost of Orthognathic Surgery:

1. Pre- and Post-operative orthodontics. Orthognathic surgery is done in conjunction with orthodontics. Orthodontic fees in the area run approximately $5,000 – $6,500

2. The surgery itself (see below)

3. The time off of school or work 7-14 days

4. Insurance Coverage: About 70% of our patients have insurance that cover some of the costs of the surgery, and if done in the hospital – much of the hospital fees

The Surgical fee itself:

In our office, as of January 2017, the typical fees are as follows:

  • Single Jaw re-positioning (upper or lower):   $9,200
  • Additional Jaw:   $9,200. If the upper jaw is segmented into 2 or 3 pieces, for better bite correction, this can add up to $2,000-$2,800
  • Chin Advancement (genioplasty):    $2,650
  • Bone plates per jaw:    $1,100
  • Bone graft material (BMP) if needed (upper jaw):    $1,200-$1,800.
  • Splint Fabrication:    $450-$1,610
  • Anesthesiologist:    $1,275-$1,800
  • Post-operative in-home Nursing services:    $100-$200

* There are a few other modifiers – depending upon the procedures complexity


Care Credit is available with our office for financing


1. Advancing the lower jaw only:

  • Anesthesiologist:    $1,525
  • BSSO (lower jaw advancement):    $9,200
  • Splint:   $420
  • Bone Plates:   $1,200
  • Post-op Nursing Care:   $100

  • Total Global Fee: $12,445

This is the fee prior to insurance reimbursement. If you have no insurance, this amount is paid prior to surgery. If you have insurance, depending on your benefits, a smaller portion is paid upfront. We then file your insurance and depending upon their payment, you may owe us additional money, or we may owe you a refund.

2. Segmental Upper and lower jaw Example:

  • Anesthesiologist: $1,925
  • 2 piece LeFort I with bone graft: $10,500
  • BSSO: $9,200
  • Bone Graft Cost (BMP): $1,175
  • Bone Plates $2,400
  • Splints: $1,610
  • Bovie: $180
  • Post-op Nursing Care: $200

  • Total Global Fee: $27,190

Again: the above amount is prior to taking your insurance coverage into consideration.