Bone Morphogenic Protein (BMP)

Recently, the FDA has approved the use of a protein called Bone Morphogenic Protein to actually grow bone where there is none. The product has been patented, and is sold by the company Medtronic, under the name Infuse. This is truly a remarkable material.

Basically, through recombinant DNA technology, they have manufactured the exact BMP molecule which exists in our bodies. BMP works by signaling stem cells to migrate to the area, converts them into osteoblasts, which are bone forming cells. These osteoblasts then basically grow bone in the area where the BMP was placed. This often eliminates the need for a donor site such as your hip or jawbone.

The material comes in a liquid form, which we spray onto a sponge type material. This collagen sponge soaked with BMP is then placed where bone is needed, such as in a sinus lift site, an extraction site, or on a deficient dental ridge where implants are to be placed. We also use it as an interpostional bone graft in orthognathic surgery. In 6 months, your body literally grows bone into the area, and implants can be placed. What is remarkable about this newly formed bone is the fact that you grow your own bone, with your own DNA makeup, and identical to other bone in your body on a molecular and microscopic level. It is very healthy bone, with a great blood supply, and is ideal to place implants into to support teeth.

Dr. Loetscher has extensive training and experience with the use of BMP, and has taught courses and lectured on its science and use as well.