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Surgery and New Teeth in One Day

Do You Have a Broken off or Cracked Front Tooth?

We have the expertise and technology to offer patients same day tooth replacement with dental implants. By having an in-house dental lab, we can design and mill an esthetic, strong provisional the day of your implant surgery. This means you can have a tooth extracted (if necessary), have an implant surgically and precisely placed, and receive a high-quality temporary tooth in less than two hours. Our protocols also provide patients with a fixed temporary tooth that initiates the critical sculpting and maturation of your gum tissues for optimal esthetics of your final crown. If you have a missing tooth or need it replaced, same-day dental implants from our experienced surgical and restorative team will make all the difference!.

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  • Broken Tooth - Same Day Dental Implant

Why Choose Our Immediate Dental Implants?

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At Atlanta Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, P.C. you can get a final tooth in one day
  • Esthetic and strong temporary tooth the day of surgery
  • No need for removable flippers or retainers
  • Precision designed for optimal tissue sculpting
  • Made from high-quality, esthetic acrylic or nano-ceramic material
  • All digital-based scans, surgery, and fabrication
  • Comprehensive implant treatment, all on-site

Our Same Day Dental Implants Process

Dr. Christian Loetscher has over 25 years of experience in dental implants and our skilled in-house lab technicians provide same day tooth replacement note seen by any other surgical practice in the greater metro Atlanta area. Using our state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology, we can extract a failing tooth and place a dental implant in the empty socket. With our digital scanner, we take high-quality scans of the dental implant’s position using laser optics. We send this data to our lab technicians who design  the provisional tooth out of PMMA, an esthetic, durable acrylic material. The tooth is milled in one of our sophisticated milling machines and then gets attached to your implant. This entire process is completed in our Alpharetta, GA office in under two hours, promoting convenience and superior quality from start to finish. While your implant heals and you wait for your final crown, you can enjoy all the benefits of a strong, esthetic temporary tooth that will not chip, loosen, or fall out.

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Dr. Loetscher talks about the process of getting a new tooth in one day

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