Referring Doctors’ Testimonials

Please tell us about your experience working with Dr. Loetscher. Your experience with Atlanta Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery may help others make a decision to refer their patients to our clinic. We strive to provide the best quality of care to you and your patients. We look forward to continue working with you…

“I’ve known Dr. Loetscher since 1996. He is in my opinion the best oral surgeon in the Atlanta area. Great staff and atmosphere. Very professional and highly skilled.”

Douglas A. Sands, DDS , Owner – Dentist , Douglas A. Sands, DDS

“My first priority as a successful general Dentist is the care of my patients. That is why when the need arises for our patients to see an Oral Surgeon, Dr. Andy Loetscher is where I send them. As a highly respected Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon and educator in his field, I am 100% confident in referring my patients knowing his dedication to his profession. Dr. Loetscher and his staff are a pleasure to work with. As a patient; you will find nothing but compassion and general concern flowing through their office.”

Troy Schulman, DDS

“I have been referring orthodontic patients to Dr. Loestcher since 1990. He and his staff have done an incredible job taking care of them and the feedback from my patients is always positive. He delivers outstanding results on a consistent basis, including extractions, surgical exposure of impacted teeth, implants and jaw surgery using the latest technology and techniques in his state of the art offices. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Loestcher and his entire team to treat even the most difficult cases.”

Dr. Ben Mibab

“If I hadn’t seen it, I probably wouldn’t have believed it!

Really, it was the most difficult case I had ever been challenged with. In spite of accurate and meticulous preparation, detailed pretreatment planning, and temporaries that had been placed and verified, I found myself in a very unfamiliar and frustrating place. The patient that had trusted me to guide this complicated process, had relied on my treatment and restorative skill, and was ready to move forward, couldn’t believe her ears. I sat somewhat dumbfounded as well. The surgeon I had counted on to finish the surgery felt the patients best option was to have a removable denture rather the much more natural fixed implant attached bridgework. Mary broke down in tears when the news was delivered. Her husband stared at the floor silently. The thought of wearing a removable denture, even for a short while, was not an option for this professional woman barely into her 40s. It seemed her worst nightmare was coming true, and I thought back on the times she had told me of the terrible memories of her mothers dentures. I remembered the struggles my own aging favorite aunt had dealt with when all of her teeth were removed, and what a tremendous physical and emotional blow that was to her in her late 80s. We all felt that was the beginning of the end for her, and watched as her general health and happiness began to decline.

Hi. My name is Dr. Thomas Kauffman, a general restorative dentist practicing in downtown Atlanta, and I was stuck. For the first time in over 32 years of treating patients I had no surgeon. I next called the best resource I could think of, the head of the graduate oral surgery residency and hospital program at a major medical center, and asked him if he would look at the documentation. His conclusion was that they could do the case, but would probably have to go to the leg to harvest bone to add to the deficiencies in the upper jaw. Not a great choice, and the patient, her husband and I would have to travel a great distance to coordinate treatment. There would also have been the need to involve an orthopedic surgeon in the case to obtain the bone needed for the augmentation of the upper jaw.

I was speaking with a friend and colleague about this case and he suggested I call up Dr. Andy Loetscher. Having had no professional relationship with him, I discussed this case, and with the patients great comfort with him, his office, and his great support staff, the decision was made to move forward. I must admit that the night preceding Marys surgery was filled with much tossing and turning. Was this was going to be successful, and would I have the foundation that needed to be solid and healthy. The next concern was if Dr. Loetscher would be able to place the bone in the correct location. Finally, could Loetscher control the placement of the implants exactly where I needed them to make things look good, provide the proper lip and face support that would lead to the combination of beauty and function that we were all counting on?

When I arrived at the office, the patient was asleep with the procedure well under way. Following the hip harvest, the area of the sinuses was uncovered. What was not apparent preoperatively was the tremendous amount of disease in the sinuses that Dr. Loetscher encountered. Carefully, the diseased tissue was removed, and a new sinus membrane fashioned out of resorbable collagen. Next, the area was treated with special growth factors obtained from a sample of the patients serum added to the marrow used like a surgical putty. Carefully, the bone was separated into three separate sections and shaped to fit the surgical guide we had provided. This was absolutely critical for correct implant position, but this was so much more complicated because not enough bone was present. Amazingly, he was able to place five implants into the grafted hip before all the incisions were sutured! Incredible.”

Thomas W Kauffman, DDS