Why Choose Dr. Loetscher for Jaw Surgery?

  1. Over 30 years of doing this particular surgery – one of the most experienced surgeons in the US. 
  2. Dr. Loetscher takes his time and performs quality craftsmanship/surgery.
  3. The surgery is done by Dr. Loetscher who is a double board-certified oral surgeon & anesthesiologist – and not a resident or student of surgery
  4. Surgery is performed in a facility built and set up specifically to perform orthognathic surgery.
  5. The surgical team has years of experience assisting Dr. Loetscher in these orthognathic procedures.
  6. Dr. Loetscher has years of experience when it comes to treatment planning for maximum esthetics and function.
  7. We provide thorough treatment from start to finish. Your consultation will include a nurse or technician who participates in your actual surgery. One of the registered nurses accompanies you that evening in your own home to assist with suction, provide further instructions and to make sure you stay comfortable. 
  8. Surgery is pre-planned, using virtual treatment planning with verification of movement being done virtually, then translated into prefabricated surgical guides for precise surgical execution.
  9. From a cost-standpoint, we have developed a fee structure that is very cost-efficient, and competitive with all types of surgical delivery. We work with you to maximize your insurance benefits.  Our global fee structure provides you your true cost, without the extra costs such as hospital and anesthesiologist bills. 
  10. Dr. Loetscher has a stellar reputation in this field.
  11. Orthognathic surgery is done for many reasons: esthetics, function, and airway improvement.  Dr. Loetscher understands all these, and has the experience to combine and maximize the gains all together.