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Delivering Superior Quality Restorations

Strong, Esthetic Teeth in 24 Hours or Less

Many factors set our practice apart as one of the leading oral and maxillofacial surgical facilities in Alpharetta, GA and the greater metro Atlanta area. Our dental laboratory is one of them. This in-house lab allows us to set and retain a significantly higher standard of care that goes beyond surgery into the restorative part of treatment. Our two full-time lab technicians on staff design and create strong, esthetic provisional and final sets of teeth using some of the most advanced CAD/CAM technologies and materials available today, as well as custom guides for dental implant surgery. The vast milling capability of our in-house lab ultimately allows us to provide a wide array of options for immediate teeth within 24 hours—with adherence to the highest quality care that reduces treatment times and creates a dramatic cost savings for our patients.


Dr. Loetscher talks about the process of getting a new tooth in one day
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A variety of in house technologies allows patients a unique experience they can't get anywhere else

The Life-Changing Benefits of Our In-House Lab

  • Complete quality control from start to finish
  • Significantly less time to teeth after implant placement
  • Superior quality restorations the same day or next morning
  • Advanced digitally-driven design and milling protocols
  • Teeth that maximize the smile and facial appearance

Decades of Experience. Unmatched Clinical Outcomes.

Dr. Christian Loetscher has been placing dental implants and restoring complete arches of teeth for over two decades. Considered one of the most experienced implant surgeons in the area, he partners with some of Atlanta’s top dentists and prosthodontists and has gained considerable experience in full mouth restorations. This experience has led Dr. Loetscher to use the highest quality materials, such as nano-composite and PMMA provisionals, or Prettau® zirconia, that enhance the strength and esthetics of our immediate teeth provisionals and finals. With our in-house lab, we have the capacity to not only deliver same-day or next-day solutions for patients, but continuously evolve our techniques and protocols to provide some of the most superior provisionals and finals of any oral surgery practice in the metro Atlanta, GA area.

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