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Permanent, Final Teeth
the Day After Surgery

New Teeth without the Wait

Modern restorative dentistry and digital automation has made a way for patients with full lower arch tooth replacement to receive provisionals the same day as their dental implant surgery. While these temporary teeth can add esthetics as the dental implants heal, elsewhere they are often in the form of a temporary denture and are not nearly as strong or durable as their final teeth will be. Patients might have to wait months in these temporary teeth before the dental implants are healed enough for the final restoration. Seeing an opportunity to improve upon this process, our skilled oral surgeon, Dr. Christian Loetscher, designed a dental laboratory within our Alpharetta, GA office and equipped it with experienced lab technicians and some of the world’s most advanced digital software, materials, and milling technology. Because of this and our extensive pre-operative planning and use of custom surgical guides, we can offer our lower arch implant patients final sets of esthetic, strong teeth that can be attached to their implants the day after surgery.

Why Choose Immediate Teeth?

  • Enjoy beautiful, functional teeth without waiting
  • Permanent, esthetic, strong, and custom teeth
  • No need for a temporary denture or prosthesis
  • Begin eating the foods you love the next day
  • Get back to the life and smile you want!
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At Atlanta Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, P.C. you can get a final tooth in one day

Superior Quality. Superior Results.

Our talented surgical team lead by Dr. Loetscher has developed extremely cost-efficient techniques to remove existing failing or poor teeth in the lower arch, place 4-6 implants, and attach a completely new set of teeth the following day. Our treatment protocol pre-operatively begins by our sophisticated diagnostics and treatment planning. Using our Zirkonzahn® Face Hunter technology and advanced intra-oral digital scanner, we assess your smile and facial esthetics. Next, usually under general anesthesia, is removal of your failing remaining teeth in the lower jaw and placing dental implants via guided surgery. We then take scans of the dental implants. Our dental technicians use these highly accurate scans to design your final set of teeth. Fabrication of a strong titanium bar is also completed, which will be permanently attached to the dental implants to properly distribute force when you bite and chew, preserving the lifetime of your new teeth. Your final prosthesis is made of nano-composite, a highly esthetic non-acrylic material that is incredibly strong and durable. This final set of teeth will be ready for you the next day, often delivered by your dentist, so you can enjoy the benefits of permanent new teeth and an improved quality of life immediately!

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Why wait for your final teeth?

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