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What Is Gingival Sculpting?

Patients with missing teeth may notice that the gums in the area of the lost tooth appear flat. For the gums to arch esthetically over the final dental crown, gum tissue must be grown, or sculpted, to create a natural appearance over and around the tooth. Gingival sculpting refers to placing custom teeth and healing abutments on dental implants at their time of placement. This ensures that the gingival tissue (gums) can mature and sculpt correctly around the temporary tooth and is esthetically and functionally prepared for when the final crown is placed at our Alpharetta, Ga practice.

Why We Do Gingival Sculpting

  • Maximize the esthetics of the final dental crown
  • Ensure natural contours for brushing and flossing
  • Reduce the risk for food impaction, especially with molars
  • Restore evenness to the gum line around new tooth
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Gingival Sculpting: Our Unique Protocol

After we place your dental implant, we scan the implant with innovative software to identify the angle, height, and position of the implant. With this information, we use our state-of-the-art design software and CAD/CAM milling technology to create a custom tooth or healing abutment in our on-site laboratory. Each of these is individually designed and attached to the implant to fit into your dentition and gums. As the surgical site heals, the gingiva sculpts naturally around the tooth. This is critical to the function and esthetics of teeth visible when you smile (anterior teeth) as well as the back molars. By sculpting the tissue around a molar, your final crown will emerge from the gums with more natural contours for cleaning and flossing, helping to keep food from becoming impacted between your implant crown and natural tooth. Similarly, for anterior teeth, when your dentist fabricates your final crown, the gingival tissues will be in the ideal position for optimal esthetics and function, individually and alongside existing teeth.


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