Complete Dental Arch Implant Reconstruction

The following principles apply to reconstructing a whole arch of teeth (example upper jaw-maxilla or lower jaw-mandible).

24-Hour-Old to New Teeth

Dr. Loetscher has been restoring complete arches of teeth since the early 90’s, and is truly one of the most experienced surgeons in the area. He has been working with the some of Atlanta’s top dentists and prosthodontists for years, and has gained considerable experience in full mouth restorations. Combined now with his full time in house lab technician, whom has been designing teeth and bridges for over 13 years, they have unmatched capability to deliver superb quality restorations. Their techniques have evolved significantly over the past 36 months to deliver these in a cost-effective manner as well.

Our team has developed extremely cost efficient techniques to remove your existing failing or poor teeth with a complete new set of teeth — either a highly esthetic provisional set, or a more durable and beautiful “final” set of teeth. The provisional teeth are made out of PMMA (Poly-methyl-methcrylate Acrylic” which is a highly esthetic material, a step above denture teeth, and very durable. The next day “final” set of teeth are milled on site and are made of a hybrid Kevlar/Pektolon superstructure, overlayed with a nanoceramic set of teeth, providing longevity and esthetics. The other option is to have a provisional set of teeth delivered immediately, and your dentist then fabricates a restoration with Zirconia teeth, which is on the scale of fine jewelry.

Why use Dr. Loetscher

  1. Most experienced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon in Implant Dentistry in the area.
  2. Modern up-to-date surgery center — clean and well equipped, with full anesthesia capabilities, including IV Sedation and Full General Anesthesia.
  3. In house lab with full milling and production capabilities.
  4. Experience has led to efficiency, which has led to high value and cost-effective pricing.


Years ago, “Teeth in an hour” was an exciting technique to deliver a full set of acrylic teeth the same day as implants were placed. The procedure was quick, taking less than an hour’s time for prosthesis delivery.

This is done via no incisions, and the whole surgical procedure takes less than an hour. The technique relies on accurate CT scan guided surgery, and adjustable abutments. It has, to some extent, fallen out of fashion because the adjustable abutments were cumbersome and not always adjustable enough.

Nowadays, we have advanced in our techniques. We use guided surgery, as in the “teeth-in-an-hour” technique, but instead utilize intra-oral scanning and mill a provisional prosthesis that is delivered the same day. The final prosthesis can also be fabricated and delivered within days as well.