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As the gold standard to replace missing teeth, dental implants are not a one-size-fits-all restoration; they are advanced and complex tools that require the knowledge of doctors experienced in implant placement and dental technology. As an oral surgeon, Dr. Christian Loetscher’s expertise in surgical aspects of dental implants is far-reaching, along with a thorough understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the face. He and our surgical team are equipped to provide implant care for patients with even the most complex cases, with advanced treatment and restorative protocols that let you leave our office with esthetic, strong provisional teeth the day (or the day after) your surgery. Very few oral surgery practices in the greater metro Atlanta, GA can offer this incredible standard of care, and still fewer can boast the superior clinical outcomes we consistently achieve at our practice.

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At Atlanta Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, P.C. you can get a final tooth in one day

Patient-CentERED Protocols for Optimal Results

Dr. Loetscher and our lab technicians have developed a protocol that allows us to place dental implants, design new teeth, and mill esthetic provisionals to be delivered in less than two hours—all on site at our Alpharetta, GA practice. If new teeth cannot be attached the day of surgery, they will be ready the following morning. Additionally, where bone grafting is needed, we use advanced tissue engineering techniques to accelerate the healing process and create the ideal environment for implants.

However, in most cases, we can remove your tooth, place an implant into the socket, and use our state-of-the-art digital scanner to scan the implant in your mouth. The data is downloaded into software where our lab technicians design your provisional tooth. We upload this design onto our advanced dental mill in our in-house lab, where the tooth is milled out of PMMA, a highly esthetic and durable acrylic. This entire patient-centric process—which we have developed for single, multiple, or whole arches of missing teeth—achieves predictable results and long-term benefits.

The Amazing Benefits of Dental Implants



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Dental implants act like natural teeth, from root to crown. They are made of highly durable and strong materials that can resist the force of eating tough, hard, or chewy foods like meat, nuts, and raw fruits and vegetables.


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Dental implants integrate with the jaw bone, providing the same level of stimulation as that of natural tooth roots. Whenever you bite or chew, implants take on this pressure and help keep the jaw bone healthy.


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Color, translucency, size, shape, and positioning are all considered when restoring dental implants. Our provisionals and finals designed and milled in our in-house lab are indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Don’t Wait to Seek Restorative Treatment

Dental implants represent the single-best tooth replacement option for missing teeth today. Restoring your smile with this permanent solution provides a dramatic enhancement in the way you feel about yourself, the function and esthetics of your teeth, and your overall quality of life. We can help you achieve this through expert implant care and convenient, patient-driven treatments.

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