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Do you have a broken tooth?

  • Broken Tooth - Same Day Dental Implant

Your teeth can break for many reasons. They can have a cavity (tooth decay) that weakens them, prior to endodontic therapy, auto-immune resorption, and many other reasons, including heavy wear. Fortunately, nowadays, if they can’t be repaired by your dentist, we can replace them in a beautiful and functional manner utilizing dental implants. And in most cases – provide you with a beautiful replacement that day or the next day. Since implants need 4 months or so to fully integrate (fuse) to your bone, your dentist then places the final tooth or teeth at this time period. However, in the meantime, the technology exists so in most cases we can provide solid implant supported teeth immediately.  

If the tooth is not a molar, we can typically remove it and replace it immediately and place an implant.  90 minutes following your implant placement, we place a beautiful custom designed and milled tooth made by our in-house lab technicians on your implant.  

  1. We schedule a pre-op appointment and develop a personalized treatment plan for the removal of broken teeth and simultaneous implant placement. This is all done via pre-planned guided surgery for accuracy.  We will analyze your facial esthetics in the ZirkonZahn Face Hunter. The next step is to remove the necessary teeth, place implants, and fabricate a new temporary set of teeth. These teeth are custom designed and milled for high esthetics and durability made by our in-house lab technicians. They can be delivered same-day, or the next morning depending on your situation.  

The Dangers of a Broken Tooth

Severely broken teeth are cause for immediate concern, as they can harm your oral health as well as cause you extreme discomfort and pain. Whether due to trauma or other factors, a broken tooth needs expert care to restore function and esthetics. Without the proper care, a broken tooth can lead to damage of other healthy teeth, gum tissue, or bone, and increase the risk for the spread of bacteria or infection to the mouth and throughout the body. Our surgical team is skilled in tooth extractions, replacing teeth with dental implants, and creating durable provisionals, all of which can generally be accomplished in a single visit. Seeking care for your broken tooth is the ideal choice for eliminating your pain and restoring health to your smile.

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I was able to have my tooth extracted and replaced in one day!

Treating Tooth Pain at the Source

A broken tooth can sometimes reveal extensive decay beneath the surface. Removal of these teeth eliminates pain and preserves the health of the mouth by ridding the area of bacterial buildup. Broken or fractured teeth that have affected the nerves and roots may not be able to be preserved with a dental crown or root canal and will most likely need extraction to prevent infection. Our team is skilled at identifying these issues and providing you with personalized restorative care through dental implants.

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The Ideal Solution for Extracted Teeth

Dental implants provide the best alternative to natural teeth, offering you long-term functional and health benefits. By removing a broken tooth, problems such as pain and infection are effectively resolved. As an oral surgery practice, we specialize in dental surgical procedures, including dental implant placement, and provide comprehensive implant care in the convenience of our Alpharetta, GA office. We have equipped our office to provide comprehensive services for our implant patients, including our in-house lab where our skilled dental technicians create beautiful, strong temporary teeth that we place onto your implants the day of surgery (or the next morning for a full mouth set of temporary bridges). Dr. Christian Loetscher, our oral and maxillofacial surgeon with over 25 years of experience is well-equipped to extract teeth and replace them with implants. With extensive training and expertise, he and our surgical staff are uniquely qualified to provide treatment for your broken tooth.

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