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Full Arch Dental Implants | Dr. Paul Cho

“Hi, I’m Dr. Paul Cho, oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Today I want to speak to you a little bit about full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants and what we offer here at our practice. If you’re someone with something we call a terminal dentation, teeth that are failing, that are so broken down that they’re not worth the time, the effort, and money to save, we have a great solution here. What we can do for you one day is to put you fully to sleep, remove all of your bad teeth and replace them with dental implants, and give you a new set of beautiful teeth either that day or the day after. We have the technology here to digitize your face on the computer so we can plan and design your teeth to match your face perfectly. We do everything guided with a computer ahead of time so that the surgery is safe and accurate. If you think that you’re a good candidate or just wanna learn more about this type of surgery, please come visit us for consultation.”


A variety of in-house technologies allow patients to have a unique experience they can’t get anywhere else.


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