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In response to the growing demands from patients in need of cutting-edge oral surgical care, we have established ourselves as one of the most technologically advanced and clinically accomplished practices in Alpharetta, GA and the greater metro Atlanta area. Through acquisition of state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical technologies, we offer a more sterile and technically stronger environment in our outpatient surgery center than even most hospital settings can boast. In addition, we are one of only a few practices in the state to have an on-site laboratory staffed by trained technicians and equipped with some of dentistry’s most advanced digital and milling technology. Leveraging this technology, our oral surgeon and surgical team consistently achieve superior clinical outcomes through sound diagnostics, advanced guided surgery techniques, accelerated healing modalities, and high-quality fabrication of provisional restorations.

Why Advanced Technology?

  • Improved accuracy of diagnoses with evidenced-based results
  • Increased precision of treatment planning and procedures
  • Minimized invasiveness of many simple to complex procedures
  • Streamlined patient care and improved appointment convenience
  • Enhanced patient comfort with advanced anesthesia options

Our Advanced Dental Technologies

Dr. Loetscher talks about the process of getting a new tooth in one day

BMP is a group of molecules placed at the surgical site that signal the body’s stem cells to migrate to the site where the BMP converts them into osteoblasts (bone-forming cells). Over time, BMP works with the body’s own healing and regenerating power to grow new bone healthy enough to support dental implants.

PRGF derived from the patient’s own blood aids in the regeneration of new bone growth and reparation of soft tissue at the surgical site, specifically during bone grafting. Using PRGF is incredibly safe and helps foster more predictable and accelerated healing after surgery.

Digital scanning of the inside of the mouth provides accurate imaging results and significantly improved restorations. The scanner integrates with our CAD/CAM technology, allowing us to fabricate models and whole arch prosthetics without impressions, delivered to implants the day of placement.

Our state-of-the-art Kodak 9300 Cone Beam CT scanner provides low dose radiography and high levels of accuracy when capturing intra-oral images of the teeth, bone, sinus cavities, and nerves. This provides both accurate treatment planning and efficient integration into our 3Shape’s guided surgery software and teeth-in-an-hour technology.

DSD is a patient-focused treatment protocol that uses digital design software and high-quality photography and videos to assess the smile in relation to the entire face. Based on the patient’s smile goals, we design treatments digitally to represent how personalized treatments will improve their smile’s function and esthetics.

Zirkonzahn Face Hunter provides realistic scans of patients’ face and unique physiognomy, letting our lab technician design more precise restorations with nearly photo-realistic previews. Beginning with facial features and working inward, we take the data collected to fabricate and mill incredibly esthetic and natural-looking teeth. This technology uniquely integrates with the 3Shape Trios® Scanner, and cone beam radiographs to accurately design your smile and teeth.

Expert Care from Start to Finish

Our expertise lies primarily within the oral and maxillofacial surgical aspects of dental care, but comprehensive treatment, including complex tooth replacement, requires a restorative side as well. For this reason, our board-certified oral surgeon, Dr. Christian Loetscher, has meticulously constructed a state-of-the-art laboratory in our Alpharetta, GA practice. This lab offers some of dentistry’s most advanced digital software and three sophisticated milling units—Zirkonzahn® M4 Heavy Metal, Digital Dental mill, and Ceramill® Motion 2 from Amann Girrbach, a pioneer in dental CAD/CAM technology. With this superior level of technology and the experience of our technicians, we can provide patients with incredibly durable and esthetic restorations the day of surgery or the next morning after overnight milling and fabrication. Flawlessly designed and milled with expert precision, our advanced team helps accelerate our patents’ treatment with same-day provisional and permanent teeth, ranging from a single tooth to a whole arch of teeth.

A variety of in house technologies allows patients a unique experience they can't get anywhere else

Technology makes a difference. See for yourself.

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