Teeth in an hour was an exciting technique developed approximately 10 years ago. Utilizing  pre-op CT scans, of both the patient and their ideal denture, highly accurate surgical guides could be pinned to the jawbone, implants placed, and a final set of teeth (prosthesis) placed on the implants.

This was done via no incisions, and the whole surgical procedure took less than an hour. The technique relies on accurate CT scan guided surgery, and adjustable abutments.   It has to some extent fallen out of fashion, because the adjustable abutments were not always quite adjustable enough. 

In addition, with modern lab CAD/CAM technology, final prosthesis can be made in days, with more sturdy abutments, and avoiding the incisionless procedure.   The incisionless procedure sounds great in principle, but it relies too much on the accuracy of CT scans, which are not perfectly readable and their interpretation questionable.  

Considering the pricing of the whole process – surgical procedure plus prosthesis cost – most experienced practitioners elect to place implants under direct visualization of the bone – and rely on accurate impressions of the implants to make their final  whole arch prosthesis.   

Atlanta Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, PC has the state-of-the-art I-Cat CT scanner in the office, allowing convenient and low-cost scanning for Teeth in an Hour procedures and complex dental procedures.