Milling Immediate Teeth on Implants

Through CAD/CAM technology, we now have the ability to place your dental implant, scan it’s position with laser optics, and mill a highly esthetic provisional tooth to be delivered in 60-90 minutes.   Single teeth up to 3 unit bridges can be provided with this technology.  The fixed temporary tooth not only looks great, it sculps the tissue for your final crown, and eliminates wearing removable type temporary teeth (such as flippers and essex retainers).   

Dr. Loetscher through BioDenta NA have developed this protocol utilizing this amazing technology, one of the only oral & maxillofacial surgeons in the US offering this service and technology.  The state of the art Trios intra-oral digital scanner first scans the implant in approximately 2-3 minutes.  The data is downloaded into software where our dental technician designs your provisional tooth.  This design forwarded to a dental mill, where the tooth is milled out of PMMA (a highly esthetic acrylic).  This tooth then is basically screwed into your implant.  Patients either wait around 90-120 minutes for the tooth, or come back later that day or the next day for delivery.  

This same scan can also be used to deliver the final ceramic crown to be delivered 3-5 months later, after the implant has become fully osseointegrated in your jawbone.   Patients love this because this eliminates the impression needed to fabricate a crown.   

Larger bridges can be done this way as well.  For these cases, we utilize an offsite dental lab, which has a larger mill and can fabricate a bridge the size of a whole dental arch.  These are often delivered the next day or two.  





Lab Technician, Larry, standing next to our Amamn Girrbach Ceramill Motion 2 – state of the art mill.