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In this modern era of medicine and dentistry treatment has become predictable and successful. We strive to maintain the highest quality of care in dental implants, wisdom teeth extractions, jaw and cosmetic surgery. Atlanta Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery rely upon proven technology to achieve our goals of satisfying each individual patients needs. Our practice continues to evolve to meet patients needs and expectations. Please tell us about your experience with Dr. Loetscher. Your experience with Atlanta Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery may help others make a decision to visit our clinic.

Dr. Loetscher was very sweet and understanding! I was a little nervous. The office staff was SUPER friendly and great…Thank you so much!

My son had his wisdom teeth taken out by Dr. Loetscher and we were happy to see that he recovered so quickly. I will recommend his office to anyone that needs to have their child’s wisdom teeth removed.
Joy Smith

I had teeth in an hour on my lower denture done and then followed that up with a full set of upper implants as well. I can not say enough about their staff and quality of care from my first visit to my last follow up. Every person in the office makes you feel comfortable, almost like a long lost friend. The office is casual and professional.
Tim Jones

Big Vin got some unhappy news, I had to lose three pearly choppers!
But the step was cancer pre-emptive, it clearly had to be a whopper.

I had some really fine doctors, they concurred on this big nasty step.
So I entered the process with your help, this was clearly my very best bet.

A week ago today I gave up three of my bottom front babies.
“Drink slowly, brush gently…and eat plenty of soft chocolate cakey!”

The biopsy came back benign! Mr C now nowhere to be found!
We attacked, we assaulted, we did it! We ran that sumbitch outa town!

Today the surgeon smiled at my healing, he’s SO very good at his work.
But now, I’m no longer interesting, I’m again just an average male jerk.

Thank you for your prayers, dear family, and thank you dear friends whom I love.
I am outa da news and again normal, my old routine fits like a glove.

I appreciate you together in one grouping and I appreciate each of you apart.
Each one of you is a precious treasure, each one owns a piece of my heart.

I find it very difficult for me to explain how pleased I am with my “new” mouth. All the crowns fit so well, and I have you to thank for having perfect implants. All of you together make a magnificent team. If ever I can make a recommendation to a future client, please let me know.  Many thanks,

Patient blog/testimonial after jaw surgery by Sarah Ruckstuhl